Hillary Clinton Travel to Nepal when she was the First Lady – welcomed by King Birendra


As the US election heats up and Hillary Clinton takes the lead in major polls, we want to reflect on her visit to Nepal when she was the first lady.  This was 1995 when King Birendra was still alive and Chelsea was still a teenager (15 year old) in braces.  Hillary and Chelsea had made this trip a part of their 12 day tour of South Asia.  Queen Aishwarya and Princess Shruti  greeted them at the airport.  Later King Birendra welcomed them at the Royal Palace.Hillary Clinton Visit to Nepal

Hillary also met many women non-profit organizations and had a special lunch with Nepalese women representatives. Her main focus of this trip was to encourage education among women and girls.

Among other things Clinton is an ardent promoter of education for women and girls.  Here is an excerpt from her speech at the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in New Delhi.

“I recognize that discussion of such problems as education and health care for girls and women is viewed by some as ‘soft,’ labeled dismissively as a women’s issue belonging, at best, on the edge of serious debate,” Clinton said. “I want to argue strongly, however, that the questions surrounding social development, especially women … are at the center of our political and economic challenges.”

Her nomi
nation as the first women to be a presidential candidate of a major party has already broken the glass cealing for women in the United States.

Both Hillary and Chelsea took a day off from their official engagement to spend some time at the wild life Chelsea and Hillary Clinton in Nepal on top of an Elephantresort in the Tarai region of Nepal.  Called the Royal Chitwan National Park, this wild life resort is home to many rare animals like the Tiger, Rhino and Elephant.