World’s largest human flag-Nepali flag.

More than Thirty five thousand Nepalese people gathered in Tudhikhel ground at Kathmandu to lift their national flag with pride, not an national occasion it was, but an attempt to set the world record on making the world’s largest human flag which was formerly held by Pakistan by making human flag of 29,000 people in Lahore .  The Lahore record was broke so splendidly  on the morning of 23rd August, 2014 when around 38,000  enthusiastic Nepalese youths, children, men,women and even seniors attended the record setting events.

aerial view of the largest  human flag

aerial view of the largest human flag

The making of world largest human flag was  an initiation of Human Peace and Prosperity, a local NGO. The event was organized to send the message of peace and love from Nepalese all around the world. The idea of upholding the flag by Nepalese was a symbolic message that all Nepalese are under one flag which holds the pride of this beautiful Himalayan land.The crowd of interested volunteers to participate in flag making were flooding the ground area from early morning. As the national anthem was played, each registered member present in the ground held a playcard and stood in area shaped as Nepali national flag for 10 min long.  The flag ware was 128 m wide and 168 m long and was so easy to geometrical design the flag shape, since Nepals’ flag is the most mathematical flag in the world. 

The Nepalese flag, unique in itself is the only one in the world which is not rectangular but bi-triangular with the emblem of Sun and Moon in each triangular part.  The flag is colored crimson red, the national color of Nepal, the Sun and moon are white and the flag is outlined by blue. These colors accentuates the glorious history of bravery, peace and harmony of Nepalese people. The flag is known to have been use from 2,000 years ago as mentioned in the sacred Hindhu  manuscripts.

Nepalese flag

Nepalese flag

The making of largest human flag was pictured and recorded from helicopter so as send it Guinness book authorities for official record establishment. The organizer has also plans on sending signatures from media personals, and renowned figures like Mrs Anuradha Koirala, Mr. Anil shah with their signatures and video footage  as proof to the official committee of Guinness World records.