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The Top Ten Mountains of Nepal

Mount Makalu
With her snow clad magnificent himalayas, Nepal has in store a captivating, challengeing and adventurous treasure awaiting you. Get to know the top ten majestic peaks of Nepal; each one with its own characteristic feature. Mount Makalu stands tall at 8463m as the fourth tallest mountain of Nepal.


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Indian Rupee – 160.00
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Visa Regulation
All, except Indian nationals, need visa to enter Nepal. (more)
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Nepal has a wide range of temperatures. And, what you can do in Nepal depends on what time of the year you are travelling. Late fall (Late September – November)and early spring (February – March) are the best times to go to Nepal. Our weather guide.

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  • What’s the Time?

    When it is 12 Noon in


    it is in Nepal.

    (Note that Nepal does not have daylight saving time. If your country does, add one hour to the time displayed here during winter.)


    Cultural Journey: Where Everyday Is a Holy Day

    Nepal’s cultural landscape is every bit as diverse as its topography. This small country covering a rough rectangular area of 800km by 300km has over two dozen distinct ethnic groups and tribes with over forty languages and dialects. The numerous festivals celebrated in Nepal throughout the year flavored with Hindu, Buddhist, and other tribal traditions are a testament to this remarkable diversity. Read about various festivals here.

    Different Times

    Nepal follows a different calendar system than in the West. According to this system, 2002-2003 is Bikram Sambat 2059. The New Year begins in mid-April. Like the Julian system, there are 12 months, each month beginning around the middle of a Western month. Festival dates are, however, determined by lunar calendar. Check the current calendar.

    Word of Caution

    Outbreaks of violence by extreme left wing rebel groups targetting police posts have put the more remote midwest districts in jeopardy. Although they have so far ignored Western tourists, special caution is advised. A note from the Lonely Planet Guide.

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