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Bamdev Gautam


Date of Birth: Ashad 28, 2005 B.S.
Place of Birth: Puthan (Dakha Kuadi)
Marital Status: Married


General Secretary ML

Political Background:

Joined CPN in 2021 B.S.

Full time party activities from Rupandehi District in 2026 B.S.

District Secretary of Rupandehi CPN in 2029 B.S.

Member of Lumbini Zonal Committee in 2031 B.S.

Played a major role to established “Mukti Morcha” wirh Madan Bhandari, Jiv Raj Ashrit.

Joined Co-ordination committee from Jail in 2034 B.S.

Became West – North Committee’s Secretary in 2036.

Central Member of CPN (ML) in 2037 B.S.

Elected P.B. member of CPN (UML).

Chief of Party School and Organization Department after the death of Madan Bhandari.

Deputy General Secretary of CPN (UML)

Elected MP from Bardiya Constituency No. 1 in first General Election 2048 B.S. and Mid Term Election 2051 B.S.

Became the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister in Fagun 2053 B.S.

Played major role in establishing CPN (ML) in 2054 B.S. 21st Fagun.

Elected General Secretary of CPN (ML) on 27 -29 Fagun 2054 B.S.

Elected leader of opposition on Paush 2055 B.S.