Popular Nepali Band 1974 AD Begins its US tour 2016 with New Members


Nepali popular band 1974 AD is visiting San Francisco Bay Area as they embark on their 2016 US tour. They were at Monose’s house today in Santa Cruz just relaxing and jamming a little. Monose a featured member of the band is a famous flute player.  The band will play in San Francisco with it’s new members.

After many years, 1974 AD has infused some new young blood into its team and also some new music. Please check out their site and download their new album for free.1974 AD US tour 2016

Aside from Nirakar, Manoj and Sanjay, the band includes Rohit John Chhetri, Prajjwal Mukhiya, Subash Jung Pandey (Jacko) and Patrick Baniya.  Rohit and Prajjwal are the main two new vocals. Rohit is also a guitarist and Prajjwal plays the keyboard.  One great addition to the team are the brass players Subash and Partick who play the Trumpet and the Trombone.  Not many bands in Nepal have a brass component in their team. Coming from extensive music back ground, the new members  are the products of Kathmandu Jazz Conservatorium.  The concept of this music school was developed by the members of the 1974 band lead by Nirakar.  KJC has been at the forefront of teaching music to Nepali children and youths.  Infact they have impacted even the Nepal Army Band whose full band has become an extremely versatile musical group since the training of KJC.

This tour begins after the release of their new album titled Hajar Sapana (1000 dreams), has already received wide-spread popularity.  The new album gives a unique mixture of the individual 1974 AD new line upmusical background of each band member.  This rich back ground includes funky bass-lines, smooth jazz electric guitar riffs and the brass.  Ofcourse their music continues to retain their very popular Nepaliness.

As some of the older members of the band move on, it is commendable that Nirakar, Manoj and Sanjay continue to look at the positives and pursue their passion for creating great music.  The new members with already their own fan following add their personality and spiciness.

As the Nepal struggles through the rough times of painful progress, these artists bring smiles and hopes to not only those in Nepal but also globally. Their title song touches the heart of many who have traveled abroad in pursuit of a 1000  dreams. These dreams define us as a people and as a nation seeking to a distinct place in the world community.

Here is wishing the group a very successful tour.  

Come join the concerts and be part of this incredible on going history.

Special thanks in San Francisco to Jay Malla (a musician himself) for organizing t1974 AD US tour 2016 venues and dates Newhe event here in the Bay Area and Subhashkar Raj Rajkarnikar ­ (band Manager).

Tour Venue:

Broadway Studios in San Francisco, Seattle, St Louis, Dallas, Washington DC, Baltimore. They will also travel to Dubai and Abudabi.

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