King Tribhuvan


Though it was the Nepali Congress, the Praja Parishad and other political forces that finally overthrew 104 years of Rana rule, the fact remains that King Tribhuvan ‘s calculated flight to New Delhi in 1950 was the one event that flung the Ranas into the dustbin of history.
By the time he took that fateful flight, the King had become a rallying point for the anti Rana rebels. For all he did to overthrow the Ranas, King Tribhuvan,

however, failed to put democracy on a sound footing during his brief reign after 2007 B.S. Had the King ordered a general election and contributed to the establishment of a firm democratic government, Nepal would have been spared the three decades of Panchayat misrule. There would have been no 2017, 2036 and 2046 B.S either.

King Tribhuvan’s legacy, therefore, is one of initial optimism followed by missed opportunities, which changed the course of history in Nepal.