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Nepali food is comprised of Daal (lentil soup),Bhaat (rice)and Curry(vegetables).  Anyone who packs up to go to Nepal should not worry about the kinds of food available in common Nepali market. Because of the large number of tourists from all around the globe, Nepali restaurants are well aware of the international palate and thus offer most popular cuisine from all over the world. Chinese, Indian, Italian and Thai food is very popular in Nepal. But for one, who wants to enjoy typical Nepali cuisine, there are plenty of choices as well.

Nepal is a land of multi-culture and multi ethnic group so you can find wide variety of Nepali food with different Nepali cuisine that link to the particular ethnic group in there. Newari food is a most taste food if you are in Nepal. The rich Newari culture of the Kathmandu valley can be best experience with “samyabaji” (includes; beaten rice, lentil curry, buff and chicken meat, potato curry, garlic, egg, soyabeans, and curd). Also, “choila”, “kachila” “Wo” (also known as “Bara”) are very famous Newari foods which are available in any street corner in Kathmandu valley. There are plenty of Newari food restaurant in Nepal, if you don’t like eating out in Open Street.

Thakali food is another best choice of Nepali food. Withhin Kathmandu there are few “Thakali Bhancha ghar” (Thakali food restaurant) where you can enjoy “ Dhido” (Mush of barley or millet or maize flour), rice, curry, Chicken soup  and “Achar” (Pickles of tomato or any preferred item).

Apart from typical ethnic food and drinks, you also have many choices in the menu.  Momo (Dumpling with stuffed meat or vegetables) is one of the most popular foods in Nepal. From small street shop to big eateries, Momos rule the menu chart. Momos are not expensive (cost approx 50 Rs.) in average restaurant and can be taken as lunch, snacks or even dinner. “Juju dauh” (sweet Bhaktapurian Curd), Gundruk and Sinki (fermented vegetables product), Sherpa Tea etc are also “most taste” food items for food lovers in Nepal.

Almost all the Nepali restaurants have common food items like momos, chowmein(spaghetti), pizza, sandwiches, curry in their menu. The price range is also reasonable starting from Rs. 50 to Rs. 300 ($1 to $5) per dish. Nepali food could be spicy and hot but for anyone who knows Indian food, Nepali food is rather mild in taste. Oil, chilly, cumin, coriander, salt are the basic ingredients of Nepali food. So if you are not used to eating spices rich food you should not try curry in first place.

When it comes to drink, there are plenty of international brands of alcoholic drink and soft drinks available in Nepal. The “Khukuri Rum” is Nepali product which is one among the top ten rum varieties in the whole world. Also varieties of beer and soft drinks are available. You can also try local wine “Chyang” and “Rakshi” which are made locally by traditional fermentation process.

If you want to enjoy real Nepali kitchen taste then there are certain kitchen behaviors in Nepal which are followed while eating. In Nepal eating is done by using right hand. Don’t worry you can enjoy fork and spoon but still if you want do it in typical Nepali way, you should try eating with hand. Also, it is not consider good to touch fellow eater’s food with your left hand. While drinking if you are sharing your drink, then try not touching your lip with drink container. The drink is then considered “jutho” (contaminated) in Nepali culture. However, these traditions are not expected to follow by the tourist as they are not known to the culture, so you should not much bother about such rooted traditional belief.

ResourceNepal.com also has some good articles on how to make Nepali Food.

It could be a little risky to taste Nepali food because, except the tourist targeted big restaurants, most other eateries may not be very hygienic. So you should avoid hoping in any roadside restaurants. Safe drinking water is a big problem in Kathmandu municipality so you should always stick to bottle water with “safe to drink” logo. It is better to take boiled water. With a little caution, you can definitely enjoy many Nepali food during your travel to Nepal.


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