How San Francisco investors purchase real estate in Nepal


Bhaisipati, Lalitpur

Bhaisipati, Lalitpur

According to 1995 Foreign Investment Act of Nepal, a foreign investor can run a company or partner with a local one and make a minimum investment of 25.000 US dollars or comparatively in EUR, yen, and any other international currency. Foreigners can be the sole owner of a company and do not necessarily have a Nepalese partner. A registered company in Nepal may run business. Recently, foreigners are also allowed to buy a private apartment/house, own it and sell again. Most people who live and work in Nepal stay in hotel. Anyone who goes to Nepal – feel free to contact us at for further information.

Comparing to San Francisco, Nepal is a better way to invest. Many tourists come here for a long trip. They need a place to stay. I recently sold out my apartments for $2.500/month! Compare this price to San Francisco bay area property listings: 1684 Merrill Loop San Jose, CA 95124 house for $ 2 600 / month for the property that costs more than $ 899 000! And keep in mind that my apartment price is less than $50.000! Our local listings are easy to find. Just try to Google it 😉

Risks: construction of the houses and the earthquake

Soltee City appartment

Soltee City apartment

As well as in California there are some problems with local properties. Local brick houses are not very resistant to earthquakes. Most of the buildings of the past 30 years were built on a much less stable principle on a foundation of a skeleton of steel-reinforced concrete. The thickness of the pillars and the number of reinforcing steel is solely based on the past experience, when a house is not likely to collapse. There is no supervision in our sense. Now, in addition both cement as reinforcing steel are very expensive because they have to be brought from India. So it is obvious that one more “economical” to handle it. But concrete with lots of sand and a little cement should of course be less expensive. I am sure that the vast majority of “new” homes will collapse like a house of cards already at intermediate earthquakes. You could do this in the earthquake in Turkey in 1999 so look at similar houses built unfortunately.

Benefits: high ROI

The prices are extremely low, which gives you more chance to success than before. In the autumn of 2009 home prices were 66% to 75% lower than three years ago. So buy a second home in Nepal and a house to live in California or in another beloved American state. The purchase of a second home provides you with a good ROI. If you are going to stay longer than 90 days per year then you need a visa or permanent residence permission.