Nepal Home Page Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nepal Home Page?

The Nepal Home Page is a Nepal related web site that contains information on different aspects of Nepal, be it travel, business, economy, arts, culture, people, politics, calendar, news, entertainment, recipes, web directories with information on Nepal and so on. Today, the Home Page is an important source of information links on Nepal available on the internet.

How do I link my web site from the Nepal Home Page?

If you want to link your website from the Nepal Home Page, you have to fill our submit form. You need to click on the submit word located just below the banner of the Nepal Home Page. It’s very important to remember that one can only add a site to the Nepal Home Page only if it contains Nepal-related information. If you want to change information about an existing link, you should go to the submit site and fill the form again.

Can I submit personal web pages through submit site of the Nepal Home Page?

No, you cannot do this. If you want to submit your personal web pages to the Nepal Home Page, you have to use our White Pages Submission Form

Can I send queries and suggestions to the Nepal Home Page?

If you have any comments or suggestions for the Nepal Home Page, you need to go to our feedback site, fill out the form, and then submit it. We appreciate all your comments and suggestions that would help us build our the Nepal Home Page more informative and useful. As for queries related to the Nepal Home Page website or any other related topics on Nepal, just fill the feedback form and sent it to us. We would respond to your queries and help you get the information that you seek for.

How do I search multiple-word phrase in the Nepal Home Page?

There is Advance Search beside the search box of the Nepal Home Page. Click on the advance search where you would discover different options to search. It’s very easy to choose the options and search the desired word phrase in the Nepal Home Page.

What type of advertisements does the classified AD of Nepal home page contain? Does a person have to pay for advertising in the classified AD?

Classified AD of the Nepal Home Page is free of cost. We have different categories for your convenience.