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The Nepal Home Page: an Introduction

The purpose of the Nepal Home Page is to provide comprehensive information on all aspects of Nepal to the Internet community. It was begun by Rajendra Shrestha in 1993 as an amateur computer project when access to the World Wide Web was still pretty much limited to a few universities in the United States.

As a pioneer of Nepal information on the web, the Nepal Home Page has continually strived to stay one step ahead, and bring updated and useful information to our readers. For example, in partnership with Mercantile Communications and Kantipur Publications, we first brought to you the Kathmandu Post –which was not just the first online newspaper from Nepal, but it was the first online newspaper from South Asia.

top 5% That was before Nepal had any commercial hookup to the internet. But things are changing fast. There are more than a few “Internet companies” in Nepal itself. As one Nepali recently observed after being abroad for just one year, “The latest mantra in Kathmandu is ‘What is your email address?'” The number of “Nepal related sites” on the web also has grown quite phenomenally.

sintercom Yet as Nepal’s presence in the Internet expands with dozens of budding sites every month, the necessity for a reliable, comprehensive, and professional site is being felt. A site that would take one step forward and provide Internet users with not only volumes of information, but also assist them in navigating through what is already available “out there”. And as a leading Nepal site, this is a role the Nepal Home Page would like fill.

choice With the increase in the volume of information served by the Nepal Home Page, managing its activities in an exclusively amateur manner has proved inadequate. Proper resource mobilization and professionalism has become necessary just to keep up with the explosive growth in readership and the ensuing demand for more information. Hence since January 1997, the designing and maintaining of the web pages has been turned over to Ibriz Interactive

This added professionalism in the past years has allowed Nepal Home Page to dramatically increase and improve its service. And you can count on us getting better in the coming days.

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