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Cordyceps is a fungus typically found in high altitudes of Nepal and China. It is best known for its healing property and used in medical treatment by herbalist. You can find numerous online sites which enrich their contents with detail and diverse information about Cordyceps. However, different people have different opinions on Cordyceps and to know it true from peoples’ mind, online forums are best place to login. There are numerous Cordyceps forums  in internet that involves informative  conversation about dietary supplement and consumer health. There are specific health related websites that runs  hit forums in these threads. Cordyceps forums are diverse depending on conversation topics, Users’ post and build-in conversation. Whatever it is, such forum is best way to supplement knowledge about Cordyceps.


Below are listed some hit Cordyceps Forums.

Cordyceps for kidney ailment: runs this thread. There are 9 views in this forums. User have discussed Cordyceps use to heal chronic kidney diseases.

Cordyceps-sinensis-reishi:  This forum has 20 views  on use of Cordyceps Sinensis-reshi. Useful for those who wants to know about its use in different health condition.

Cordyceps for body building: This thread holds conversation on use of Cordyceps by body builder, athletes and sports persons. User have even share interesting videos about cordyceps herbs on this forum.

Cordyceps for lung Treatment: In this thread, users have discussed about Cordyceps use in chronic lung diseases. Real people with informative content.

Cordyceps for Athletes:  This is a bodybuilding forum in which a descriptive content on advantages of Cordyceps is posted.

Combining Selegiline (Deprenyl) with Cordyceps? A scientific explanation on possible interaction of different chemicals with Cordyceps. Forum on Rhodiola, Cordyceps, Ashwaganda.

Cordyceps Mushroom: This thread contains conversation on use of cordyceps sinensis and its medicinal values with real experiences. Useful for those who want to know about cordyceps.

Growing Cordyceps : This is interesting forum where user post ways on fruiting Cordyceps. The conversation is recent one with different user suggesting various techniques and tips on growing Cordyceps militaris.

There are also different blogs, Social media pages on Cordyceps.

Here are some Face book pages on Cordyceps.

FOHOW Cordyceps store:  This is a promotive face book page of FOHOW company. FOHOW is a herbal store which claim to have finest cordyceps products and food supplement.

 Cordyceps4u: This is a Malaysian page about vitamins and supplements. This page has more than two thousand “likes” . This page promotes Cordyceps products like Cordy Juize, Cordy Cafe, Cordy Day Lite, Cordy Vital Plus and Cordy Belle.

Cordyceps This page is a informative page and not affiliated and endorsed by business purpose.

Apart form these, there are many local pages on Cordyceps products in Facebook and such social sites.

Such pages and forums are real source of true information about Cordyceps and such contents in web World will help anyone know more about Cordyceps and its advantages. One just need to find such forums or simply post threads on health website for knowing about Cordyceps. Many these forums will require you to register as a member which are absolutely free.