Herbs Exporters of Nepal




Nepal, rich with it’s natural diversity and a varied vegetation, have a diverse range of rare herbs in its climate zones.  Nepali herbs have Ayurvedic essence as well as economic future.  Still, many local ethnic communities use these herbs to cure various diseases and deficiency of the body. These medicinal herbs are also recognized in international arena and so there is a big market of Nepali herbs internationally. But Nepali herbs are supplied in minimal quantity. Not that Nepal does not export herbs abroad,in fact many Nepali herbs exporter receive hefty orders from foreign companies but many Nepali Herbs processing and production are not of modern day standard. Due to this sole reason many herb exporter of Nepal has adopted expensive techniques for herb processing.

Major Herbs exported form Nepal are Cordyceps, essential Herbs, Morel mushrooms, ginger, herbal tea  Tulsi etc. Most of the exporter now have wide range of market from America to Europe. Many Chinese market also import Nepali herbs.

Here listed are some major Herb exporter of Nepal.