Google Nepal


Google Nepal has been the new site where people in Nepal can do their searches.
Google Search in Nepal

Last year the news came out that Google had put a Google cache server in Kathmandu in collaboration with Nepal Telecom. Google had trained some members of NTC to operate these servers. It is understood that the server is paid for by Google itself.

The idea behind using a local server by Google is to ensure that any services provided by Google will run locally and therefore will be faster. If you have the same speed this years as last year (meaning if you have not made any changes in your Internet subscription), you should be experiencing faster Google search (including faster access to other Google products) and Youtube access.

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Cache server saves web pages and other Internet content locally. It is known that services like Google and Facebook are the ones that uses most of the external bandwidth for Nepal.

Here is what the average Internet user in Nepal should expect now. If you have not experienced any difference or have experienced a difference, please comment below.

1. Faster Google search
2. Faster access to Google maps and other Google products like Gmail, Calander, Google docs etc.
3. Faster Youtube video download – some experts have suggested to use this link for youtube video –

The normal connectivity speed in Nepal is below 1mbps download and 500kbps upload. You can do a speed test through this site: