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Prithivi Bir Bikram Shah(1932-1970)


Father: Surendra Bikram Shah
Ruled: 1938-1968

Major Works And Events
  • Assassination of Ranodwip Singh.
  • Good supply of water and strict sanitary systems were applied.
  • The first automobile was brought in Nepal.
  • Improvement in military and judicial administration.
  • Along with slavery system, Sati custom was also abolished.
  • Nepal was recognized as an independent sovereign country.
  • A dreadful earthquake occurred which caused a heavy loss of life and wealth.
  • Nepal took part in the World War in favor of British.
  • Great patriots, Dharma Bhakta, Sukraraj Shastri, Dashrath Chand and Ganga lal Shrestha were sentenced to death.
  • High court was established.
  • Several schools and colleges were established.