Nepal: Geographical Features

[caption id="attachment_95387" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Geography of Nepal[/caption] Total Land area 147,181 sq. km (54,633 sq. mi.); Length... read more

Nepal: People and Society

Population (millions): 20.535 (July 1993) Year of last census: 1991 Sex distribution (%): males:51.2females: 48.8 [caption id="attachment_95391"... read more

A Brief History of Nepal

Newars are thought to have lived in the Nepal Valley since the 4th century AD, developing a Hindu-Buddhist culture. The Gurkha principality was ... read more

List of Shah Kings of Nepal

Prithivi Narayan Shah Pratap Singh Shah Rana Bahadur Shah Girvan Yudha Bikram Shah Rajendra Bikram Shah Surendra Bikram... read more

Nepal's Political Structure

Official Name: Kingdom of Nepal Form of State: constitutional monarchy The executive: ... read more

Nepal: Basic Fact Sheet

Official Name: Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Abbreviation NP Capital Kathmandu Head of State President Ram... read more

Prime Ministers of Nepal

List of Prime Ministers before Rana Regime List of Rana Prime Ministers of Nepal List of Prime Ministers of Nepal after 2007 till 2017 List of Prime... read more

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OF NEPAL (lyrics and chords)

D G A7    D Shreeman GambhirNepali DD D PrachandaPratapiBhupati D G Shree Panch Sarkaar ... read more