Unveiling Royal Nepal

Photographs by Dirgha Man Chitrakar

Court Photographer of Nepal (1901-1945)

The Photo Exhibition displays historical pictures showing Nepal’s history since 1901. The photos
unveil rare scenes of Royal Nepal during the period of the Rana
Maharajas (1901– 1945). The exhibition includes portraits of
the Nepalese Royal Family, palace interiors, and
city-scapes of the Kathmandu valley before it was
open to the west.

The aim of this exhibition is to show the changing faces of the Valley and to spread awareness of
preserving its unique cultural heritage.

The photos were taken by Dirgha Man and his son Ganesh Man Chitrakar during the first half of the 20th century as well as present pictures taken by Kiran Man Chitrakar, the grandson of Dirgha Man. Dirgha Man and Ganesh Man Chitrakar were the Court Photographers and their works (painting and photographs) are among the first to depict the images of the Katmandu Valley and it’s ruling families.

Kabindrapur Temple opposite Kastamandap Temple in Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square, Kathmandu.
Photo taken by Dirgha Man Chitrakar, 1909.

Palais des Nations, Geneva

21st Feb. 2000 – 3 March 2000

Copyright © Kiran Man Chitrakar, The Ganesh Photo Lab

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