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Nepal Home Page maintains various databases with different kinds of information. You can use this page to decide which directory your Web site (or information) should be listed in and go to the appropriate form. You can also request, using those same forms, to have an existing record in our database changed.

Please look at the following choices carefully and decide which best describes the information you are submitting. Submitting the information to the wrong database will likely result in it being rejected.

Choose the NHP database for your request

NHP White Pages
NHP White Pages lists information about Nepalis and friends of Nepal living anywhere in the world. Use this directory to list your personal information, including your personal Web site.

NHP Yellow Pages is a comprehensive directory of businesses, profit and non-profit organizations and government agencies in Nepal, as well as such organizations outside Nepal that deal primarily with Nepal. Use this directory to list your organization’s information, including its Web site.

NHP Links Directory
NHP Links Directory is a directory of Nepal-related Web sites. This directory ONLY lists Web sites that have unique and relevant information about Nepal. These sites are listed in our Nepal Home Page Dirctory pages (see the links in the left side of this page, or the listing in our front page). You can use this form to submit a Nepal-related Web site if it is not already listed.

In this directory, we do not list personal Web sites or company/organization web sites (see above for dirctories for these types of Web sites). Therefore, please do not submit such sites, unless you can provide a compelling reason why we should list under this directory also.