• Music maestro AR Rahman, Nepalese singer monk Ani Choying and Farah Siraj, the Jordanian vocalist also known as Jordan's “Musical Ambassadress” teamed up to cr

  • What is the science behind meditation.  See

  • New trends in food popularity in the US shows that "fast foodication" of South Asian food could be the next big wave. At the forefront of this introduction of

  • More than forty years ago, a Frence Scientist with a PHD in Bio Chemistry went to Nepal and became a Buddhist monk.  Even now many people around the world

  • Yes, she is climbing down a water fall!!  Ready for adventure ?  Rising from sea-level to 29,000 feet - Nepal has one of the most diverse a

  • The Nepal tourism board budgeted US $ 375,000 to train people for quality home-stay arrangements in rural areas of Nepal.  A unique and personal way to e

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